3rd Burn Test

Boiler control box with manual feed control

Success!  At least compared to the last burn.  Virtually no smoke, although some paint burned off.  There is still some lingering smell from duct tape and caulking but overall much better, with no smoke.  The burn start/ ash clean out door needs to be rebuilt with hinges, so that is still a problem area, but overall great.  The program ran reasonably well, however, I added some hysteresis to the circulator loop to keep the relay chattering to a minimum.  At this point I have the oil fired burner locked out, but I think I will reduce the temperature set point of the boiler and it just won’t come on unless needed.  There are a list of small items that are required to run a 24 hour test, but I can probably do most of these things tomorrow and be able to be successful with this tomorrow afternoon.   One thing that still needs to be done is shop cleanup.  But for now, YEAH!  Thanks

to friends!

Boiler installation

Boiler installation for testing

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