Overnight run successful

Improved wiring and Arduino mounting, yes that’s a sparkfun box

Successful overnight run,  software required major tweaking but the boiler ran without involvement overnight.  I did supervise the process but nothing got hot or got out of the control parameters.  My only complaint at this point is chip economy.  The setpoint I chose was 160°F which is probably too high for the weather we are having now.  The overnight temperature was approx. 32°F  and so the circulator just didn’t use that much heat.  So I think I will add some software changes to the program.  The first to be the addition of a variable called setpoint so I can easily change the set point temperature.  Ultimately I need to add a outside temperature thermistor to the internal PC board so the Arduino can determine it’s own set point based on outside temperature.  Some other ideas are to relay the draft fan so the flames aren’t quite so robust all the time as well as physically remaking the burner unit to be smaller.  All in good time.  So far software changes are making a difference so I will try that first.

The flames look consistently great.  The burner is working really well.  Still having LCD problems and my main goal after getting the unit to run is building a second unit so I can make the unit run the Hot water thermostat as well as try to duplicate the LCD character problems.  Of course I could probably call the manufacturer of the LCD to see if they have any technical support.  That will be a Monday project.

Above is a picture of the somewhat improved but not final configuration.  At least the wires are neat and the smoking problems have been overcome.  The new door is pictured, and the burner flame.  A photographer I am not.

New Fire door with over center latches and fiberglass rope sealing

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