CNC Plasma cutter works with Sharpie!

After assembling all the lead screw nut to carriage connections the machine is testable.  I ran a  program supplied with Linux Enhanced Machine Controller that required coordinated motion between the axes.  This came out in an interesting way, mirror image.  I figured out that the y axis was opposite from the expected direction, or in other words, when the program called for a positive y axis move, the machine delivered a negative y axis move and vice versa.  This was a simple fix, I  physically picked up the axis and moved it end for end with a helper and remounted it.  After that the test program ran just fine.

Mirror Image with y axis reversed

Image with corrected axis, you can see a little of the same program showing the E in the correct orientation, as well as a 5″ x 5″ box program that I was able to import from StepCam,  although I did have to edit the program to get it to run.

Corrected axis Image of the start of the same program

Next on the CNC list is to order some additional materials from McMaster-Carr to finish the Z axis as well as some electrical routing accessories to finish the limit switch installations.  Last but not least I will need to improve the mounting of the sharpie, plasma cutter and whatever other option should be available for this machine. No doubt a router head would be useful as well.  I have the material for the fabrication of a base so I will start on that this coming week as well.  Of course this is not the only thing on my list, I still have to make a living so progress will be measured in hours.  Thanks for reading, and tell your friends.

One Comment on “CNC Plasma cutter works with Sharpie!”

  1. ivy thompson says:

    What an interesting post. I guess the CNC plasma cutter is really suitable for that kind of work. It is very useful in those sharp curves.

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