Electronics mounted

Arduino mounted in project box

Finally the electronics have been mounted in a project box which makes them much more portable and easy to use.  The LCD has been disconnected electrically from the relay for nearly 24 hours.  The relay may have taken enough power to cause enough voltage fluctuation to garble the LCD display which seems very sensitive to voltage fluctuations.  Of course this configuration will be much easier to work with, easier to move without worrying about wires and easier to keep clean and safe.  The Arduino is mounted so that the USB cable can be plugged in without removing the cover.  All seems to be working well, another milestone.  I think I will build a second one which I can use either as the thermostat or the boiler controller.  The project box part number 270-1809 was obtained at Radio Shack and the PC board inside was also obtained at Radio Shack.  The PC board is very easy to use with board that consists of many mini bus bars to make hook up and soldering easy, the part number is 276-168.Today’s goal is to deal with the smoking issues of the boiler.More update later.

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