3rd Configuration

After having the issues described in the last post the decision was made to reconfigure the feed for the third time.  Hopefully the third time is the charm.  The feed is now horizontal again with a reconfigured air box and single fan blowing along with the exhaust fan.  The auger was extended into the burn area to allow the pipe to be mounted flush to the inner surface of the mounting plate and so that the auger will push the burning pile down the burner trough.  After some minor glitches the burner is up and running.  I made some minor changes to the software to allow the burner to run more at a lower temperature and changed the setpoint to 140°F from 135°F.  Minor changes but all part of the tweaking and learning process.

The goal for this coming week will be to  monitor the fuel usage and see if the system can keep up with the predicted below zero temperatures forecast for tonight.

New Airbox and feed